Welcome to Koru Developer Pages

Koru is a declarative user interface and application development framework. It is small enough to run smoothly on power-efficient embedded devices, yet powerful enough to scale to advanced application processors supporting OpenGL.

If you know how to build web applications learning to use Koru is quick and easy.

Declarative UI

XML for UI creation and CSS for defining the styles with features to build once and scale to various devices.

XML and CSS makes anyone with experience from HTML feel right at home.

UI Widgets

A comprehensive library of common UI components (widgets) for speeding-up development.

Widgets are easy to modify for your specific look and feel.

JavaScript or C

Build your apps and UI components with JavaScript or C programming languages or a combination of both.

Ease of development with JavaScript and raw performance benefits of C programming language. No experience compromises needed.


Extensions for VSCode for markup check, code completion and much more.

Automated screenshotting of application views for easy automated UI testing.

Command Line Interface to help with your application development.

Version control

Use your favorite editor and version control software for everything.

Since the the views, styles and code are all text you can use the tools of your choice and work concurrently with other developers and designers.


Debugger support and extensions for JavaScript and C programming languages.

Performance analytics for in depth view of what’s affecting performance.